With the timeshare formula you can purchase an apartment for one or more weeks of holiday; the same apartment can be resold, rented, exchanged with other timeshare apartments, but above all with this choice you are guaranteed of a safe, available and well-organised place to spend your holidays.

Purchasing a holiday home in a hotel timeshare means becoming co-owners, for a thousandth share, of a part of the shared hotel complex and having the right to have full use of an accommodation unit during a period of the year. Therefore this formula is characterized by the rotational use of the property for a pre-established and pre-determined period of time (at least weekly).

When signing the contract, the timeshare buyer chooses the one he or she likes from among the available periods of the year. The price varies, from period to period, in relation on the one hand to the greater or lesser satisfaction of one period compared to the other (see the Calendar of periods), and on the other in relation to the types of individual accommodation units.

This formula, born in the United States and subsequently widespread in Europe, has seen considerable diffusion in Italy in recent years, meeting the favor of those who prefer a flexible holiday formula to the purchase of a second home by the sea, which has now become increasingly more onerous.

Hotel timeshare is governed by Italian Legislative Decree 79/2011 of 23 May 2011.

Timeshare allows you to become a co-owner of one of the wonderful suite apartments of Toccacielo Hotel Village, with a limited investment and spending only once what you would normally spend on a few trips. Tourist forever is the timeshare formula that provides numerous new advantages: discounts on the main services of the structure (bar, wellness centre, catering, extra hotel services), special offers.

You can also choose to exchange your holiday with 1 of the 3,000 resorts affiliated with our circuit around the world.

Tourist forever – Your “all inclusive” timeshare